Group Fitness

From Buti Yoga and Zumba to Barre and Insanity Live, our certified group fitness instructors are focused on helping you reach your fitness goals and get you in the best cardiovascular shape of your life. Our classes aim to sculpt, stretch and work every part of your body while providing a great sense of community. Classes are open to all fitness levels.

Barre Above
A workout to improve posture, flexibility, and overall strength and balance.

Body Sculpt
Work up a sweat while sculpting and toning your entire body with plyometrics, medicine balls, and free weights

Butts & Guts
The perfect combination of lunges and squats to lift and sculpt your glutes and thighs, mixed with a specific combo of core exercises.

Buti Yoga
A mix of tribal dance, primal movement & dynamic yoga to release stress & embrace yourself.

Cardio Kickboxing
Sculpt your muscles through martial arts drills and get your heart rate up with cardio intervals and kicking and punching combos.

Dance Your Booty Off
Dance cardio combining old school moves with innovative choreography.

High-Intensity Interval Training — alternate toning exercises with cardio bursts for maximum fat burn and a great workout!

Insanity Live
A cardio-based, athletic style workout that combines the best of HIIT and strength moves designed to help you get fit fast!

A fast-paced, energetic workout to strengthen the lower body and core through cardio intervals and kickboxing drills.

A fast-paced and challenging class combining traditional barre work with dance, total body toning, and strength. 

Mixxed Fit
Hip-hop dancing and explosive movements to energizing music. Burn calories with great vibes and good people!

Interval training and muscle confusion techniques to help tone and improve endurance.

Enjoy this full body workout for all fitness levels. Focus on body alignment, improve your posture and build a strong core while sculpting lean muscles.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
An energetic form of yoga, you’ll move fluidly through poses while connecting your breath. Sessions incorporate strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio.

Fun. Encouraging. Effective. Dance cardio moves set to positive music will leave you sweating, smiling, and improving your body from the inside out!

Sweat & Burn
Sculpt one muscle group at a time through a combo of low-impact aerobic reps and great music. You choose your weights and difficulty level.

Gain flexibility, strength & balance while relieving stress.

The combination of cardio dance to Latin music that allows you to tone and burn calories while having fun.